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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Launching a Blog Feed to Help Authors

With the slowly building success of a feed-type blog for Nature Bloggers, I've decided to launch a similar forum for aspiring and under-recognized authors. The choice of who is included is totally my personal choice. If you are an author and want to be included, please visit Shark Bytes and Tales, or join the Accentuate Writers Forum, or find some other way to get to know me.

All blogs fed here, even if you know me, must be "safe for work" in terms of content.


  1. Joan, I have just come across this blog! I had no idea it existed. What a lovely idea, and thanks for adding me to your list! I have G+ it out for others to find.

  2. I just saw Glynis Smy's post and stopped by. This is wonderful, and I'm enjoying Shark Bytes and Tales!

  3. Hi Joan, I am following Sharkbytes and would love to be included if you would consider me. I'm just not sure how to go about it, if you could please advise me.